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Borger Compressor Station Documents


Borger Compressor Station Area Map Showing 1-, 2-, and 3-mile Radii


Map created by Karen Edelstein at Fractracker, showing the area of the Borger Compressor Station in Ellis Hollow, Tompkins County, NY. Concentric circles at 1-, 2-, and 3-mile distances from the station are shown, and all buildings are indicated in yellow. By zooming in, one can see the houses at various distances from the compressor station. 


Borger’s Current Air Pollution Control Permit through DEC, valid 2014 through 2019 (40 pp)

Discusses permitting conditions, required reporting and testing, and regulations that apply.


Borger’s 2014 DEC Air Pollution Control Permit Review Report (25 March 2014, 36 pp)

A document presenting Borger’s current permitting conditions, applicable regulations, and reporting and testing requirements, but in a more readable form than the actual permit.


Borger’s 2009 FERC Certificate to Retire Unit 1 and add Unit 4 (20 Oct 2009, 18 pp):

Grants Dominion the right to retire an old turbine, called Unit 1, and replace it with a more efficient and less-polluting turbine, called Unit 4, which is a Solar Taurus Model 70-1030S, 12,126 hp.


Borger’s 2002 Permit from DEC, when it first became a Title V facility (9 Jan 2002, 13 pp)

Describes which air pollution emissions regulations pertain to Borger, as well as monitoring and reporting requirements. On p. 6 there is a list of the different pollutants emitted by Borger, and what range they each fall into. A Title V facility has a level of emissions of at least one chemical that is above a threshold value. Borger emits more than 250 tons/year of nitrogen oxides, thus putting it well over the 100 tons/year threshold and categorizing it as a Title V facility.


Variance Request: Site Map & Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan for Borger Station (170 pp)

This 1/24/17 Dominion filing to FERC, as part of its Variance Requests, contains two important parts:

(1) Page 4 is a site map dated January 2017, which shows the smaller Limits of Disturbance (LOD) that Dominion announced with its Variance Requests. This map also shows the relationship of the LOD to the site’s wetlands and streams. These wetlands and streams were delineated as far back as June 2014 in Dominion’s original application (See p. 79 of Resource Report 2: Water Use & Quality).

(2) The document that begins on p. 6 is a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan for the Borger Station. It is required as part of the SPDES (State Pollutant Discharge Elimination System) Permit granted by DEC on 1/19/15, which also fulfills the EPA’s requirement for a NPDES (National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System) Permit. It was prepared in April 2016. On page 44, it shows the same smaller Limits of Disturbance that were not made public until 1/24/17, when the variances were requested.

Therefore, Dominion must have known that it would be encroaching upon wetlands and streams as early as April 2016. Yet it did not make this public or request the variances until January 2017, after all project permits were granted and all public comment periods were over.


Capstone C65 KW Microturbine Fact Sheet (from Industry):

Three of these microturbines will be added to the Borger Station as part of the ramp-up.


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