Western NY, Finger Lakes, & the Southern Tier

Calls to Action


  • Stop new fossil fuel infrastructure! 

    • The Pilgrim Pipelines are set to be built in the Hudson Valley. Once it's complete, the rail traffic for fracked oil will increase in the Rochester area (and throughout the state) by EIGHT TIMES! We're already straining under the weight of too many trains, an increase is absolutely unacceptable! Call Gov Cuomo at 866-846-4075 and say "I'm a New York State resident and I urge the Governor to not permit the build out of the Pilgrim Pipelines in order to protect our schools, towns, soil, and water supply."

  • Switch your household to Clean Electricity

  • Attend a House Party - learn more about our work

  • Host a House Party - invite your friends and help us share our message

  • Attend an event - check out our Local Events page for details

  • Volunteer to help at an event - we're looking to fill these roles:

    • Childcare @ monthly Meet & Greet events

    • ASL interpretation @ any public event

  • Join the Rochester Organizing Team - we’re looking to fill these roles:

    • Diversity Outreach Coordinator

    • Fundraising Coordinator

    • Elected Officials/Campaign Coordinator

    • Social Media Coordinator

  • Have questions about any of these things? Want to get involved?

    • Contact us - info.ny.rochester@mothersoutfront.org.

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