Western NY, Finger Lakes, & the Southern Tier

Dominion’s FERC Application & Selected Supporting Documents

Note: The rest of the 12 Resource Reports (#4 Cultural Resources, #5 Socioeconomics, #6 Geological Resources, #7 Soils, #8 Land Use, Recreation and Aesthetics, #10 Alternatives, #11 Reliability and Safety, and #12 PCB Contamination) may be found on Dominion’s New Market Project Page. Scroll down to “Regulatory Documents” and click on the arrow to the right of "June 2014 – Resource Reports 1 – 12."

Dominion’s New Market Project Abbreviated FERC Application (42 pp)

Resource Report 1: General Project Description (60 pp)

Resource Report 2: Water Use and Quality (222 pp)
Information on impacts to groundwater, water bodies, streams, and wetlands, including maps of wetlands delineated within each project site (see p. 33 [p. 8 in Appendix 2-A]) for a list of wetlands, and pp. 76 through 81 for wetland delineation maps).

Resource Report 3: Vegetation and Wildlife (95 pp)

Resource Report 9: Air & Noise Quality (202 pp)
Air quality impacts and emissions, regulations that apply, and information on current and projected noise levels in project areas.


Resource Links:
Shale Gas Infrastructure Map of New York State
General Background on Compressor Stations
Borger Compressor Station Documents
      Water Pollution and Wetlands Infringement at Borger
Dominion’s New Market Project
     Dominion’s FERC Application & Selected Supporting Documents (2 June 2014)
     FERC Documents Assessing New Market Project
     Dominion’s Air Permit Applications to DEC, Filed 2 June 2014
     Dominion’s Variance Request Documents (Filed with FERC 24 Jan 2017)
     Miscellaneous Dominion New Market Project Documents
Minisink Compressor Station & its Health Impacts
Health Impacts of Compressor Stations & Other Gas Infrastructure

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