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We are a small, recently-formed group of concerned residents, currently focused on raising awareness of the likely negative effects of the ramp-up of the Borger Compressor Station in Ellis Hollow. We hope to take on other community-benefitting projects in the future, such as supporting existing local efforts to make energy conservation and renewable energy more available to everyone. We are a chapter of the national group, Mothers Out Front.

Dominion, as part of its New Market Project, plans to increase the gas flowing through its New York State pipeline and thus through the Borger Compressor Station by 112,000 dekatherms (100 million cubic feet) of gas per day. For an overview of this issue, please see our brochure.



Resource Links:

​Selected government documents, scientific articles, web pages, and more that provide detailed information on compressor stations, the Borger Station, the New Market Project, health impacts of natural gas infrastructure, and the specific health impacts of a compressor station built in 2013 in Minisink, NY, which has created numerous health problems for nearby residents.
FERC = Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
DEC = NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

Shale Gas Infrastructure Map of New York State
General Background on Compressor Stations
Borger Compressor Station Documents
      Water Pollution and Wetlands Infringement at Borger
Dominion’s New Market Project
     Dominion’s FERC Application & Selected Supporting Documents (2 June 2014)
     FERC Documents Assessing New Market Project
     Dominion’s Air Permit Applications to DEC, Filed 2 June 2014
     Dominion’s Variance Request Documents (Filed with FERC 24 Jan 2017)
     Miscellaneous Dominion New Market Project Documents
Minisink Compressor Station & its Health Impacts
Health Impacts of Compressor Stations & Other Gas Infrastructure

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