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Stop the Pilgrim Pipelines



Mothers in New York join our allies across New York State in putting public pressure on  Governor Cuomo to Stop The Pilgrim Pipelines. The Governor has the authority to deny the permit for the Pilgrim Pipelines and our allies with Coalition Against the Pilgrim Pipeline believe that with enough public pressure, he will act.

The Pilgrim Pipelines would

  • Carry explosive fracked crude bakken oil south in one pipeline along the New York State Thruway through six counties from Albany to New Jersey to be refined. A second pipeline would move the oil products back north from New Jersey back to Albany.

  • Threaten the drinking water for millions of people in New York and New Jersey and risk the safety of dozen of communities along the pipelines. Such pipelines are noted for ruptures and spills especially due to the volatility of fracked crude oil.

  • Result in an 8-fold increase in the number of “bomb trains” from Bakken, North Dakota crossing our state, thus putting millions of people in danger of explosions, threatening  additional water supplies, and stressing our rail system.

  • Promote fracking in the US and Canada

  • Be another investment in fossil fuel infrastructure we do not need if we want to transition off of fossil fuels so our children inherit a livable climate.

ACTION: Calling Governor Cuomo

  • Can’t get through? keep trying! your calls will be counted! 


  • My name is [ name ] and I live in [ town ]. I  am calling with Mothers Out Front to ask Governor Cuomo to reject the Pilgrim Pipeline Project. Stopping these pipelines is critical to protecting both our fellow New York Citizens and the beautiful and environmentally sensitive Hudson River Valley.  It is also critical to preventing an upsurge in explosive fracked oil by rail. As a mother concerned for her children’s future, I stress that we must stop fossil fuel infrastructure growth that will worsen climate change.


  • Take a picture of yourself with a sign or shirt with the Mothers Out Front logo and message such as “Governor Cuomo, for our children’s future, stop the Pilgrim Pipelines!”

  • Post on social media and tag Mothers Out Front @mothersoutfront

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