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Petition by Residents of NY 55th Senate District

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We the residents of NY Senate District 55 kindly ask that Senator Funke vote yes on the Surety Bill

New York law requires shippers of hazardous material going by water to present proof that they can cover the liability of a catastrophic accident. We the residents of your district worry about the oil trains that pass through our communities daily. What if they derail and burn as they have in 14 other communities? The NY Assembly has passed bills 3 years in a row to extend this liability coverage requirement to railroads.

The State Senate has never held hearings or let the bill out of committee. We know that you, Senator Funke, as our State Senator and a member of the Environmental Conservation Committee have the power to change this.  We ask you to support this bill and stand up for the protection of your constituency threatened by hazardous materials shipped by rail.

Please support Bill S1515 to require railroads to prove they have enough insurance so NY Taxpayers are not on the hook for disasters.  We ask you to vote to protect us, your constituency in District 55, not the oil companies.

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