Western NY, Finger Lakes, & the Southern Tier

Team News/History


November, 2015:

  • First official meeting!


December, 2015:

  • One Meet & Greet at Greenhouse Cafe.

  • One House Party.

  • Addressed city council on creating a solar farm in a now vacant lot.


January, 2016:

  • Three House Parties.

  • One Meet & Greet at 1872 Café.

  • Three team members received training in facilitating House Parties.

  • Four team members travelled to the Statewide Strategy Summit in Albany.


February, 2016:

  • Two House Parties.

  • Received Goal-Setting and Decision-Making Process Training from Statewide Organizer, Neely Kelly.

  • Decided to sponsor Earth Day March in Rochester; subcommittee began planning with allies.


March, 2016:

  • Team members contributed to the work of the Strategy Research Team; one team member travelled to El Puente in Brooklyn for The second Statewide Strategy Summit.

  • Three team members received training in One-to-One meetings; two trained to be One-to-One trainers for the Rochester area.


April, 2016:

  • Decided to take up the Bakken initiative as first focused campaign.

  • Scheduled Bakken presentation for Rochester School Board for 28 April.

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