Western NY, Finger Lakes, & the Southern Tier

Water Pollution and Wetlands Infringement at Borger


Toxics Targeting Web Page on Dominion’s New Market Project & Past Water Pollution at Borger Station


Updates for Divisive Gas Pipeline Moving Forward,” The Ithaca Journal, 19 Jan 2017, by Matt Weinstein

Discusses a spill of petroleum byproducts from 1998 at the Borger Station. Walter Hang (Toxics Targeting) says it was never adequately cleaned up, and DEC refutes that.


Could New Information Derail the New Market Pipeline?,” The Ithaca Times, 20 Jan 2017, by Nick Reynolds

Discusses the accusation by Walter Hang (Toxics Targeting) that there have been many past chemical spills along the Dominion New Market Project’s pipeline route, and that these should be grounds for halting the project. DEC and Dominion officials refute this claim.


Exchanges between Walter Hang and DEC’s Richard Brazell

Email exchanges between Walter Hang of Toxics Targeting and Richard Brazell, Regional Spill Engineer, NYS DEC Spill Response. Includes letters and spill and remediation reports, as well as diagrams of the affected areas.


Note: Also see Dominion’s Variance Request Documents


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