Western NY, Finger Lakes, & the Southern Tier

Quick Actions

Sign Petition:  Support Rochester City Council in switching Rochester to clean electricity

Rochester residents, let the Rochester City Council know that switching to clean electricity is an important step toward a safer future for our kids!


Call:  Tell Gov. Cuomo to Stop the Pilgrim Pipelines

These Pipelines are set to be built in the Hudson Valley. Once complete, the volume of oil train traffic will increase in the Rochester area, and throughout the state, by EIGHT TIMES! This increase is absolutely unacceptable! Call Governor Cuomo at 866-846-4075 and tell him "I'm a New York State resident and I urge the Governor to not permit the build out of the Pilgrim Pipelines in order to protect our schools, towns, soil, and water supply."


Sign Petition:  Ban the Bakken Oil Trains

Dangerous crude oil is transported through our communities by rail every day. A daily average of over 200 Bakken oil tanker rail cars race through Rochester - near schools, playgrounds, community centers, residences, businesses, and sensitive waterways. The National Transportation Safety Board has concluded these unit trains of Bakken crude oil are “an unacceptable public risk.” Let's convince our elected officials that this needs to stop!


Sign Petition:  Stop the Dominion New Market Project

The three natural gas compressors that make up this New Market Project will emit over 200,000 tons of greenhouse gas each year - millions of tons of emissions annually from extraction to combustion! We ask the Governor to Rescind the air quality permits immediately to put NYS on the path to a future free from fossil fuels.