Western NY, Finger Lakes, & the Southern Tier

Southern Tier


  • The Dominion New Market project adds 3 new fracked gas compressor stations and expands other existing compressors along a 200 mile route that stretches from Horseheads to Albany.  
  • The gas pipeline is 50+ years old and prone to leaks/ruptures.
  • In spite of overwhelming community opposition, the DEC approved the necessary air quality permits for this project in December.
  • Dominion is now asking to be granted exceptions
    • to encroach upon wetlands and/or waters at almost all of the sites.
      • The company is asking to be given special treatment so that it does not have to abide by the same federal and state rules regarding the protection of water quality that everyone else is expected to follow.
      • Wetland setbacks exist for a reason: to protect wetlands and water quality.
      • This is squarely within the DEC's purview and that the state must therefore intervene.
    • from rules relating to the time of year when trees and vegetation can be cleared at Horseheads and at Borger. (Such rules exist to protect birds and other wildlife during nesting seasons, etc.) Again this is within DEC's purview and the state must therefore intervene
  • These are NEW issues which DEC did not encounter before issuing the air quality permits.


  1. FIRST: Please sign our petition to Governor Cuomo.
  2. THEN: Call Governor Cuomo’s Office:  518-474-8390.
  3. Select 2 to speak to an aide.
  4. Speak politely, but urgently, emphatically.
  5. If you live in the immediate vicinity of a compressor station or pipeline, let them know!
  6. If you do not live in the immediate vicinity, please let them know you oppose this project for the reasons below.
  7. Make the following technical points, be specific, be local.

“Hi my name is _______________. I live in _____________ New York . I just learned that Dominion has applied to FERC for new variances that would put wetlands at risk. The air permits for this project were approved quietly while at the same moment, Governor Cuomo was talking about climate change and reducing methane emissions. I’m calling to ask the Governor to walk the walk direct the NY DEC to rescind the air quality permits and conduct a safety study of gas pipelines and comprehensive health study of compressor station emissions.”



  • The Dominion New Market project overall and the new requests for variances from Dominion endanger the wetlands surrounding the compressor stations.
  • You are worried about the local water quality that flows through the Southern Tier, Finger Lakes, Leatherstocking and Capital regions.
  • You understand that the DEC air permits were issued secretly in December and just became public knowledge.  Demand that they be rescinded.
  • If you live near a compressor or pipeline, express your concern for your family, your community, and your property values.
  • Express your concern at the increase in methane emissions from this project and an increase in methane emissions means NYS will not meet its state climate goals to reduce emissions.

Rural New York Communities Threatened by Gas Infrastructure

To everyone who called, spoke, commented, talked to a friend, shared an e-mail or a Facebook post - THANK YOU! You are all heroes! The DEC received a ton of comments and the Governor's office has been flooded with phone calls.

The comment period is over, but we need to keep the political pressure on Governor Cuomo.

Call To Action

Make a Phone Call

Call Governor Cuomo's office at 518-474-8390

You can say:
Hi, my name is ______________. I'm with Mothers Out Front and I live in ___________, NY. I’m calling about the Dominion New Market Project. I’m very concerned about the health, safety and property of the people living near the compressors and this unsafe pipeline. I want the DEC to rescind the air quality permits and conduct a comprehensive study of the safety and health impact of this project, and of all gas pipelines and compressors. Further, New York should take into account the climate impact of all projects when issuing permits. Our increased reliance on gas will make it impossible for us to reach our climate goals. New York State must lead the nation in preserving a livable climate for our children!

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